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due dates

due dates

have you been married or divorced in the last four years?
— it was a question for my uncle because he’d sought my help

oh, after that first hell no. i’m a lover. i tell them to put
— their shoes on and go home when we’re done, he laughed

i smiled, thinking it was an interesting way to
— approach relationships or non-relationships

i’m the cutest of the ugliest
— the smartest of the dumbest, he added

i laughed, wondering if it was something he
– or muhammad ali coined

he asked why folks don’t get a tax break
— for their investment in love

love doesn’t work like that, uncle
— every time you invest in love
you’re investing in you too

government can’t measure
— man’s realest investments

if they could
— we’d all be assessed for
penalties and late payments

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