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wait for it

wait for it

i’ve spent moments but more likely lifetimes anticipating the opportunity to look into your eyes just like this. even though music is playing and this embrace is being highlighted, none of them knows of the beauty held in the silence and separation our hearts endured before finding wholeness in ourselves and sharing it with one another. this smile i’m carrying on the outside is but a split second capture of the bliss that hovers between the joys and sorrows we have and will endure from now until then. the way you look at me with such gentle knowing gives me courage to ask again and again to be taken to all the places in our minds and bodies where love can be created and made, never to compete with the beginning or ending held in one day.

while being married isn’t on my list of ‘to do’s’, being in a relationship is on my list of ‘wait for it’, so in the spirit of manifestation i write, cause one way or another, everything put on paper has already taken form or is in process of doing so, depending on where you are along this multi-dimensional time travel map.

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