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not enough money

not enough money

in the world to replace the value found in a recent gig regarding my communication style.

— it’s completely out of alignment with the way everyone expects and understands and within this epiphany exists opportunity; what opportunity remains to be seen. all i know is i refuse to change who i am to match what they want to see, and eventually they will let me go because of it.

— i don’t blame them; it’s me, and each day i find myself in full body laughter over some of their responses; because it’s those responses that reflect back to me the confusion i’ve naturally elicited. wow seems to fit the bill for the most innocuous.

— the intangibles i work with have black and white rules but the way i arrive to them doesn’t; so to be fair, it looks to them as if i’ve fallen off the wacky wagon and just happened to stumble into the correct garden with correlating seeds.

but like anything, if someone keeps growing stuff that feeds people without poisoning them, then something about the wagon they’re riding or falling off of can’t be all bad.

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