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a bullet case

a bullet case

The purpose of the greeting is to remind ourselves of community, but they that turn away aren’t necessarily the outcasts.

When a circle begins in a round of introductions there is a common silence when the string can stops at me. It appears feigned; my staring back with a blank face. Inevitably someone tells me it’s my turn. I speak and the can continues. Inevitably I ask myself, “Who decides when it’s my turn to speak and who decides which words are important?”

Community is exhibited in its actions, not its introductions. In the middle of life’s inequities no one says, “Excuse me sir or ma’am, my name is Jack or Jill, you know, from up that hill. If a bullet comes would you mind if I took it for you?”

Real community falls, bleeds, heals and stands together; with and without names and titles.

i’m not entirely daft; most times i get it. sometimes though, i don’t.

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