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humidity or something else
steamed the windows
as he poured liquid courage
down my throat

head tilted back laughing
gurgling and hiding a fear
drowned out in a kiss that
turned to analyzation

he tasted like milk
or what i imagined milk
tasted like on a human’s

it was raining, my ears
were ringing and i wondered
where to put my hands as
his wandered to my breasts

why does he want me?
why does he want me?
ran through my head like
a train with no destination

no. no. no. no. no. no.
i wanted to play in the rain
take off my shirt and
jump in puddles

he laughed and we got
out of the car
he watched me strip and
run down the sidewalk

two years later he was
officially my boyfriend
cause he understood
something about me

it didn’t last though
cause there was
something about him
i never understood

something to do with
the taste of milk
on his tongue

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