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skivvie divvie do

skivvie divvie do

are you afraid to ask for what you want in bed?

— cause if you removed your skivvies on purpose, then i hope it means you’re confident enough to say, “touch me here, touch me there, faster, slower…” or whatever it is that makes you feel good.

Pleasuring one another comes without judgment, well, that’s kind of a lie. If you ask me to choke a cat before, during or afterward, I’ll consider I missed some signs somewhere along the way and call whatever happened before the cost of a deviant education.

Look at me, giving advice as if I’m an expert. I’m not. Not at all. But I never asked anyone to choke a cat so I could reach orgasm either. I’m thinking I should get brownie points or something for being honorable. And asking a dogs legs to be tied to the fireplace before kissing doesn’t count.

I love a good hot dog.

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