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be well kind love

be well kind love

Everyone struggles with feeling like they’re enough, with feeling supported, safe, and able to be accepted in their environments for who they are. Everyone has moments when they feel as if unequipped to master the task at hand, and many of us like myself feel stuck not because we want to stay where we are, but because we never quite feel as we have all the required information to make a move forward.

Some of us have dulled our light to fit in, have suppressed our voices more concerned about how others interpret our sound than the impact our message is intended to deliver. You have followed me for years; observed my growth and stagnation, successes and failures, inspirational and self-defeating attitudes. You know that being driven can’t be faked and that perseverance can’t be raped.

You know I love you wherever you are and whomever you’ve chosen to be with or without. Nothing will change that love.

In the spirit of forcing my own hand, I’m starting something that for the moment is only a seed. If you’d like, visit my newest channel at YouTube, Seiza, also a new blog here on WordPress. I’ll be reading meditations at least a few days a week if not more and my intention is nothing more than love; to create a space for me and for others to be present for the same purpose.

As we strive toward the ideal of ourselves and self-created worlds, may we always be sensitive to the blowing leaves as they make their way across our hair, faces and arms.

Be well. Be kind. Be love.

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