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how to do it

how to do it

It’ll take a while to work out in private what appears to be fixed in public: work, relationships and peaceful co-existence with all life.

“You got yourself some good kids there,” he said. I smiled and thanked him caused that’s what he wanted me to do. Isn’t that how it all starts? Giving folks the reaction they’re trained to expect?

Meanwhile, I’d decided not to question his version of good against mine cause it didn’t matter. What if they’d all just murdered someone? What would he call them then and would I still agree?

That’s how life tears away at a persons beliefs a little at a time. You start agreeing with things that seem okay to agree with, not wondering about those other questions, or not bringing them up, or just pretending they don’t exist. But they do – you know it and I know it.

We’re all guilty, all plaintiffs, defendants and jurors. There ain’t no good side to anything that pretends the bad side don’t exist and their ain’t no point to pretending that focusing on the good overrides the bad. It don’t work like that.

Walk into any home, town or country that’s known for being drug-addicted, crime-ridded and down-trodden. When you wanna make things better for folks you don’t focus on someone’s newly done nails. You gotta focus on missing teeth, missing parents, and children without clothes or food.

I’m aware I sound harsh, maybe hard and maybe cold. If so, it’d be cause I’m all of those things but not to the exclusion of everything else I am. If you’ve observed my kids over time and still call them good, I might believe you meant it, but speaking to the perception of deeds to your benefit or detriment isn’t real.

Who’s still standing by your side when they’ve seen the good and the bad? Anyone?

Hold onto folks willing to ask the hard questions, who stay no matter how difficult it is to hear the answers. You got yourself love right there and even if you fear not to love yourself, they’ll teach you how to do it without caring if you agree.

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