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Goodbye doesn’t seem like intervention does it?

Often times that’s just what it is. It can be just enough to interrupt the pattern.

Illusion. Fight. Sorrow. Run.

We’d spent a long time looking for goodness in others cause we had such a hard time finding it in ourselves. All I learned was that I couldn’t recognize something I refused to see in myself; the good, the bad and the ugly, and without truth there is no healing. Without support there is no hope.

It might take a decade or two and in rare occasions just a few hours to become freed from the grounding of self-written history. The exhaustion of using all our energy to suppress violation while looking for a lifeline to trust, well, that’s just another story to let go of, cause we don’t need to kill trees to be free, but more truthfully, I don’t need to dream of the forest to see you in me.

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